Poland’s unemployment rate at record low

According to Eurostat, Poland’s unemployment rate at the end of June 2019 amounted to only 3.8 percent using the BAEL method, based on the economic activity of people in working age.

The Polish height of unemployment, which is the registered percentage of the unemployed compared to the entire population in working age was 5.4 percent, according to Statistics Poland. This is the lowest such index in Poland since 1991, the beginning of economic reforms in the country.

Poland is 7th among the countries with the lowest unemployment rate in the EU – under 600,000 people.

The country with the lowest unemployment rate was Czechia (2.2 percent), followed by Germany (3.1 percent), then the Netherlands (3.3 percent). Hungary was 4th with 3.4 percent.

Countries with the highest unemployment rates were Greece – 18.1 percent, Spain – 13.6 percent, Italy with 9.9 percent and France with 8.6 percent.

The next three largest EU economies after Germany (France, Italy and Spain) have the highest unemployment rates in the union, which shows that they have not yet left the crisis behind them.

The average unemployment rate in the 28 EU member states was 6.3 percent, whereas the average rate in the 19 Eurozone countries was 7.5 percent, almost double that of Poland’s (the lowest since the financial crisis of 2008).




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