Hungarians and the Warsaw Uprising

Poland and Hungary outperforming most other EU economies

Zawisza Czarny near Grunwald, the Hungarian king's Polish knight

1956 – The Hungarian Revolution began on 28 June in Poznań

Hungarian general amongst the first to be presented with the Virtus et Fraternitas medal

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Hungarian horse archery


​ The 14th and 15th centuries are a time called "the autumn of the Middle Ages" (Jan Huizinga). It was an end of the known world. The great Western Schism lasted until 1415, and the world was split between two claimants: Rome or Avignon. There were new views on the Church and the scope of its authority, but also on its internal system. A view was formulated that the Pope cannot alone exercise…

Three Seas Fund gains momentum

Whip number 7

Budapest wins 2027 FINA World Championship hosting rights

Nihil novi

Poland’s unemployment rate at record low

Engaged in a bitter dispute with France and Germany over illegal immigration,…

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Hungarians and the Warsaw Uprising

Today’s father

The faces of motherhood

Hungarian horse archery

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